Today I would like to share with you why you should not be afraid of redundancy and why it is a unique time to take a moment.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

There’s the rumour of redundancy at your office, with the HR team in a huddle. There’s been some ‘confidential’ information accidentally leaked by one of the executive team, who’s assistant overheard the redundancy plans and so now everyone knows about it and you’re waiting to hear what’s going to happen!

If you’ve experienced this situation, or worse, had no warning at all when an organisation chooses to offer or impose redundancies, the common response is often fear. I know this because I have worked in large organisations and been part of the HR team when redundancies have been on the table for employees.

I understand that you may feel fearful, embarrassed or even ashamed that you are considering a redundancy, but I have good news for you. Just like I do with all of my clients, I am going to explain to you why choosing a redundancy may in fact be one of the best first steps to help you build the life you want and start living out some of your dreams you’ve been talking about!

I know it may not feel like that now, so let’s focus on the basics to help warm you up to why I think redundancy can give you a strong sense of freedom.

How are you Feeling?

Let’s tackle some of the emotions. If not framed correctly, in terms of how you perceive the redundancy, it can certainly be perceived as a negative experience, especially if you were not prepared for a change and have held on to the way things were, not how they are.

When I meet clients who have chosen a redundancy I ask them how they are feeling about it. Specifically, I like to know when they were given the redundancy paperwork, what was their reaction. Were they upset or shocked?

I ask this because I believe it is essential for you to take a moment and spend some time reflecting on what’s just happened.

Tips to Survive Redundancy

My hope for you is to look back on your redundancy with the same positive feelings as a colleague of mine who describes her redundancy (in retrospect) as a gift.

The reality is that if the redundancy has affected you personally, every time you get a knock back with new jobs you apply for, your trauma is going to be revisited. When there is a knock back you may take this personally. When you personalise a knock back, you start to say to yourself ‘I am not good enough’. So I need to be sure you are strong and ready, and this is how you will survive (and hopefully also blossom) as a result of the redundancy!

  1. Talk About It

Emotional distress as a result of this unexpected change of events needs to be processed, so make sure you seek any counselling that is offered to you as part of your redundancy or make the effort to talk to your partner, family or friends about how you are feeling as a result of these changes.

I believe it’s really important to talk about your redundancy and to try to frame it in terms of the freedom it can potentially offer you! If you can move yourself emotionally to the idea that the decision has been made and you’re feeling comfortable that this change is an opportunity to take control of your life, then you are beginning to understand the feeling of freedom, and often also the relief, that can come with choosing a redundancy.

  1. Take Time To Reflect

This means that rather than jump straight into the next step of job search, you need to take time out to reflect on who you are, what’s important to you and how you can use this change to build a better life. I recommend you ask yourself the following questions.

What can I do for the next 10 years?

What are my skills?

How can I transfer these to other industries?

How can I build a better life?

Think back to your childhood or consider any unfulfilled dreams. Do you want to explore self employment and start your own business?  Is there an industry you have always wanted to work in?

Take a moment…


How I Help

If you are considering your next career move, planning a change in career direction, returning to work or exploring a redundancy, we have the tools and experience to partner you through this journey.

The results we achieve through our down to earth and practical approach are recognised by clients as a key enabler in creating a better plan for many aspects of their lives.

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