“I am an unemployed single mother with a child in primary school. I have essentially worked as a professional Executive Assistant for most of my career.

I felt at a loss as to what I would do for work. My self-esteem was non-existent. I felt my work skills and knowledge were out-dated. I attended a women’s network event and life introduces me to Marina Pitisano, she spoke of her business – Jump Start your Career Program- it was an answer to a prayer. I enrolled to attend the following week. From the very first lesson, I felt a change within me. A spark, a sprinkle of self-esteem, Marina is nothing short of wonderful. I left the first session on a high – realising that I have many employable skills and abilities. In addition, the vocational possibilities were limitless. Marina tailors her training according to the students’ needs, so it feels more like one- on-one training.   I loved it so much I could not stop talking about Marina and the course.

The course overall covered everything I needed to understand the work force today. To name a few course topics Styles of communication, networking, resume and letters, job-hunting, interview techniques and most importantly to work through and understand what it is I want as a career / job.

I recommend this program to anyone who has been out of the work force for some time. All mothers who have taken leave to raise a family, or jetsetters who now want to settle down, just in general if you are out of work or want to change your career… this course is for you.

Thank you so much Marina, you are a gift. I now have the tools and confidence to find or create the job of my dreams.”
Fahan M

“Marina, you provided a flexible and relaxed environment, and offered encouragement every step of the way. You challenged me when I needed it and backed away when it was required. You helped me identify a set of skills that I am proud to call my own and now I believe in myself again. Thank you for guiding me through this very beneficial program.” 

Liz K

“When I realized that my job applications were not generating the necessary responses from prospective employers a friend suggested that I see Marina. Marina’s individualized support and flexible delivery gave me the opportunity to engage in this program around my existing commitments. This course has been a wonderful opportunity, helping me to not only get responses from employers quickly and secure a job that I enjoy but also giving me long term perspective on employment pathways.” Susie

“I recently moved from California to start a new life in Melbourne. One of the challenges I faced was to become gainfully employed as soon as practicable. Without having previous knowledge of the Australian job market, I found myself making enquiries and sending countless resumes to potential employers and job networks, to no avail. The cultural nuances coupled with the lack of network made it a frustrating experience. Having a coffee with my acquaintance, I explained the barriers that I came across in finding work. She recounted her positive experience she had with Marina Pitisano at LetzCreate.com.au and suggested that I consider her services. I took the opportunity, made the call and never looked back.

At our initial complimentary consultation I was immediately impressed with Marinas professionalism. She put me at ease with her personable nature; she was attentive as I discussed the frustrations of my situation to her.  Marina was able to provide a prescriptive approach and outlined a tailored solution that would assist me in entering this new job market. She helped me understand what employers looked for in Melbourne and how I can make my CV stand out from the rest.

With Marina’s positive attitude, weekly ‘assignments’ and timeline of where we should be at each of our sessions, we progressively kept working towards my goal of obtaining a job. We first worked on revising my CV and cover letter and through many modifications we came up with the first two building blocks and had a solid foundation to confidently send out to potential employers. We would customize the documents for each job that I applied to. Throughout this process, Marina was available when I had questions, via text, email and phone and would keep in touch with me a few days before each of our next sessions to see how I was progressing.

I was granted an interview with a temp agency within about a month where I was immediately offered a permanent temporary position at a well know company. I’m beyond grateful for the patience, work and unequivocal positive direction that Marina showed during this whole process. I would recommend her services without hesitation.”  Eleni P 

I hired Marina to assist with tweaking my Resume to a high level to assist with obtaining employment in my preferred industry. Marina’s engagement with myself was extremely professional and proficient in content and style. The application letter layout with key selection criteria, allowed me to present my knowledge clearly and concisely. I completed two job applications and received two job interviews and have been successful in obtaining full time employment. It is no doubt that when we apply for such positions we know we can meet the expectations of the role however, the value that Marina provided in this exercise from start to finish was invaluable in show casing my skills and I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to highlight theirs.”  Simone A

“Marina, at my career coaching session, walked me through a position description and interview. She drew out relevant skills and experience that I had, but that I just took for granted, and illustrated how to present them clearly and concisely. The insights she gave me now direct every step of my job hunt, from application to interview. One session with Marina makes me much more confident in winning the right role.” Esperanza

I have been a fully qualified electrician for several years and I moved to Melbourne about 12 months ago. I have had plans for a career change for sometime and I reached out to Marina and explained to her my situation. She helped me to get a position in a completely new field by updating my CV, preparing me for interviews and using her contact network to put me in front of the right people. She is currently guiding me with my long-term goal of joining the fire brigade. Marina has an in depth knowledge of the current employment climate and she has a broad network of contacts from a variety of industries which she can call upon to help her clients get the required result. She is always very friendly and helpful and her skill set is honed to help you discover your next employment opportunity and guide you to getting you into a position as quickly as possible.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for work, thinking about a career change or just unsure about what other opportunities could be out there.” Brenton

“I am an unemployed mum wanting to get back in the workforce and I found the Jump Start your Career Program to be very helpful. Marina did a fantastic job in delivering the program. Marina helped up us to get our resume up to date, and I have received positive feedback on my resume from a position I applied for. I feel that Marina has put her heart and soul into delivering the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking at getting back in the workforce.” Sharon B

“Marina Pitisano has expert knowledge and expertise in profiling and training and more importantly, she is passionate and compassionate with everyone in her group and provides an excellent course for mothers wanting to get back to the workforce. She has been a great inspiration in helping me achieve my job opportunities and goals. A strong recommendation to any mother out there who wants to go that next step.”  Anna G

“I thoroughly recommend Marina Pitisano Letz Create Careers to anyone being in that unfortunate position of having to seek employment or simply wishing to further their career.
For the first time in my life I was unemployed after choosing to take a redundancy. What I found was there were no real resources to help someone who is already skilled, but never having been in the position of having to find employment. Many of the obvious online options were not having an impact.

When a valued business contact referred me to Marina, I realised I needed direction and support. Initially Marina was able to provide valuable insight from her experience to streamline my resume and focus on highlighting my skills within my given industry and potentially others. She provided hands on interviewing training, direction and feedback. Marina was invaluable in assisting with utilising linkedin and other social media to re-establish my business and networking contacts. With Marina’s help I have now gained quality employment and looking forward to a successful career.

Marina is knowledgeable, helpful, attentive and supportive. She brings many years of experience in job placement at all levels, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking employment or to advance their career.
Marina, thank you.  Everyone else, please call her. NOW.”  Chris P

Marina’s valuable advice regarding the job search and assistance in re-working my resume has provided clarity and focus.  

After incorporating Marina’s recommendations, my resume is succinct and focussed on measurable outcomes.  Thanks Marina.”  Sue D

“By you mentoring me and highlighting my skills and knowledge I regained the confidence I had lost over the last few years.  You also highlighted maturity as a bonus and plus and I used this in the two interviews this week to reinforce, with maturity comes knowledge, skills and trust and building of network relationships.

One word I did pick up on and used to my advantage in the Interviews was “Integrity”.  On the maturity part I never disclosed my age [63] and reinforced I would still be around and working with the company in ten years [if accepted] when the question was asked were I saw myself in ten years.

Today I was called for a second interview as the owner of the company was in Bendigo and he offered me the position as Show Home Consultant. And of course I accepted as this company has great values and there are the opportunities to grow in the sales field. Again I can not thank you enough for reinstalling my confidence and belief in myself. It was very empowering and on the drive to the interview I kept your words in my head and repeating them over and over.

I have already spoken to my employment case manager [she is so excited ] and highly recommended you and I will certainly recommend you when I know some one is struggling like I was.  This position was advertised on Seek.com.au and not through an agency or the news papers.”  Vella

“Marina’s expertise in identifying, articulating and applying my own strengths to a recruitment process was incredibly valuable. Her guidance on interview technique not only helped clarify my thoughts, but also gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. Marina was happy to adapt her focus to the areas that I most needed. Thank you Marina, I couldn’t have done it without you!” Sam

“Working with Marina is like having a career mum. She lets you weep on her shoulder, then she brushes you off, and gives you a swift kick up the bottom and gets you going.

I loved working with Marina. She’s gentle yet firm. And she brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and integrity to her work, making your job applications shine.  She starts with the basics. Marina looks at your CV and works with you to make your CV a tool that you can proudly send out to prospective employees.

When you get a job interview, she’s with you every step of the way. Marina will help you understand what they mean when they ask certain questions because she knows what employers are looking for. Marina has had many years of experience as a senior Human Resources (HR) manager in the cut-throat world of corporate banking. And it shows. She’s astute, and she knows just what your next employer is looking for. And how you will convince them that you’re the one.
I hope you’ll enjoy working with her as much as I did.”  Kristyna

 After working in the corporate world, I decided to take a career break to raise my children.  I loved and cherished this time with my family, however was ready to resume a professional career. I knew I was capable, I knew I had skills, however re-entering the workforce after a 10-year break was daunting.  It was during this time that Marina was recommended to me.  I asked myself why not?  So I called her.  From the moment we spoke I knew I needed Marina on board.

Marina was very astute at honing in on what really mattered.  Marina helped me identify my transferable skills and most importantly for me coached me through how to communicate what I had to offer.  Marina didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear, instead she was genuine and constructive in her feedback and advice, and her insight into the job market and application process was spot on!

Having Marina’s support gave me the confidence and skills I needed to achieve my goals.  I am delighted at how it all worked out.  Marina helped me stand out amongst the pack and secure my job.  I’m back!   You’re the best Marina!  Michelle P

“I am currently looking at changing my corporate role and found the program facilitated by Marina Pitisano extremely useful and helpful. Before the course I was unsure how to go about fixing my resume and with Marina’s help, I was able to set it out in a logical and accurate way. By listing my skills and abilities in my resume I also became clearer about what types of jobs I would be suitable for. I also found the interviewing session and feedback very helpful. Marina helped me understand which questions I answered well and which questions I should expand on and explain better. Overall the program has given me confidence to identify jobs I would be suitable for and apply for them it has also made me feel more relaxed and comfortable about the job interview process.”  Josephine P

“I recently consulted with Marina from Letz Create Career & Training Solutions as I was unexpectedly made redundant. I had no idea about job hunting, resumes, interview skills and everything else that seems to go with the merry-go-round of job hunting. It does not appear to be about what skills you have but more about catching the attention of potential employers. They have hundreds of applicants for any number of jobs and I learned that you have to structure your Resume to catch their interest from the start so that you can get to interview stage.

Interview techniques is apparently another building block in getting to the next stage. Marina made me reassess my skills and strengths so that I felt confident in answering any questions that were asked. She not only gave me confidence she also talked me through what would be in my best interests in my job search, she advised on areas that would complement my degree which were not necessarily one of my keywords in my job search. I cannot praise her enough, I felt ready to take on the world once I had my session with her and immediately went for an interview with a big corporation that had had hundreds of applicants. I breezed through my interview and was shortlisted for the position, however as I will be travelling overseas for a couple of months, the timing was not right. I highly recommend her to anybody looking to get back to work, or to make a career change, or generally anybody that is so overwhelmed by the whole recruitment drama.”  Bianca

“A big thank you for all the help and advice you gave me that enabled my to secure my new job with The Black Arm Band.   I honestly think the way you helped me change my CV to reflect the exact requirements the role needed, made my application stand out from the 100 others they received.  This kind of assistance is invaluable in the market these days as job seekers are up against so many other applicants that it’s so difficult to get past this initial stage usually.

I also wanted to thank you for your belief that I had this job in the bag but that I still needed to be 100 percent prepared for anything they would throw at me during the interview and giving me all those potential questions to prepare answers for…..this really helped me feel well prepared and heaps calmer at the actual interview.
I could not have done it without you – BIG Thank you!” Donna Preston

“I was referred to Marina by a colleague as I had just completed university studies as a mature aged student and was looking to grow my career after working for the same company for over 10 years. I had been sending application after application before working together, and was growing increasingly frustrated and concerned by the lack of response I was receiving.

Marinas patience, extensive and expansive industry knowledge and understanding of the competition I was facing was paramount when it came to the personal growth I gained, and of course the successful appointment to a new and exciting role.

To put simply, Marina knows her stuff. She was there throughout he entire journey and I cannot thank her enough for her support and guidance. From setting plans, to dealing with my previous employer, to understanding my worth in the workplace, to assessing career options, to helping me become an interview guru, all the way to helping me decide between numerous job offers I was presented in the end. Marina is a true professional and I highly recommend her service.” Mark

Hello – as I am commencing maternity leave in a few weeks I am finishing up my mentoring program a little early. Marina has asked I provide a testimonial of my experience, which I thought I would share with you also.  I have been a mentee in AHRI’s 2016 intake two program and have gained a lot of value from working with my mentor, Marina Pitisano

Marina kindly provided her time to meet up regularly after hours as well as being available on the phone. Marina has helped guide me through some of the challenges of being both a new HR manager and new people manager with advice from her vast experience. It was great to have support and guidance from someone objective outside my organisation.  Thanks to both Marina and AHRI – I would definitely look to take part in the program again in future. Mel

“Best recommendation, after meeting with Marina, my confidence in finding a job boosted, she kept me focus and helped me when I was struggling.

Her dedication in helping me to find a job was second to none, I found a job two months after my redundancy and I must admit I took a month off to spend time with my dad who was visiting from overseas. I highly recommend Marina’s services, best money I have ever invested.” Ivonne

“I engaged Marina to help me understand the direction I was take in my career. With her direction, support and advice not only have I decided on my career direction but have a job I love. Thank you Marina for helping me realise what I really want from my career.” Neil M

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