How to Exit a Toxic Job and Workplace

I’ve always found it really interesting how some people get stuck in a job they hate. It’s curious that even though you have a choice to stay or go, you stay much longer than you should. The same could be said for bad relationships or friendships! The logical part of...

11 Ingredients for Managing Your Career

I’m sometimes invited to speak to my client’s communities about how to manage their career. It’s a popular topic, because the world is changing at a rapid pace and it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and proactively adapt to these changes. Whether you’re...

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7 Ways to Reboot Your Career

If you want to change your role, get ahead in your career or take a new direction, it’s important to know what the job trends are so you can build new skills and develop existing ones. The Australian Government provides invaluable information on where it predicts jobs...

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5 Steps To Future Proof Yourself

If you’ve been employed in your role for some time, and worked in your industry for a while too, you may be thinking about a change in role, and even industry.  But the constant change around you, and the disruption of so many traditional industries with...

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