Marina Pitisano, Your Career Counsellor

If you are feeling stuck in a job you don’t like, have been recently retrenched or unemployed and want to explore your next career move or simply change jobs, Letz Create can help.

Letz Create is a Melbourne based Career Counselling and Job Hunting Consultancy. Established in 2009, we partner men and women in the mid stages of their career by providing them with clarity and guidance on developing a more satisfying career.

Our flexible career counselling service options are designed to support you until you get a job and we’ll review your resume, prepare you for interviewing and help you find your ideal job.

If you are dissatisfied with your current role, unsure about how to take the next step or move into creating your own destiny, Marina’s tailored programs will help you work through your career goals, mindset, explore skills and capabilities that will help you achieve the life you imagined for yourself.

As an experienced Career Counsellor with over 25 years experience helping people manage their careers, Marina Pitisano is the Director of Letz Create and works with a number of leading Career and LinkedIn consultancies across Melbourne, including RMIT, Hudson, AHRI and Think Bespoke.

Marina believes the future is bright for all of us, as long as we are prepared and understand that nothing is more certain than change!

In a unique position to advise her local communities on how they can prepare for the future of work, Marina is also available for guest speaking. Please contact her.


If you are new to working with a Career Coach, here’s the key attributes Marina recommends you should be looking for in a Career Coach.

These give you a deeper understanding of how she can partner you through the next phase of your career.



The ability to provide insight is the difference between a good and great Career Coach. I use assessment tools and draw insights based on your stage of career, your industry, your role type, your approach and how you present yourself.


A good Career Coach needs to provide you with a variety of options to help you. My suggested approach will depend on what stage of your career you are in and what your current needs are. As an experienced practitioner with over 25 years experience helping people manage their careers, I will take the time to ask you the key questions to really understand your needs so I can tailor options to meet your requirements and budget.

Qualified Career Counsellor

As a Professional Mentor with Australian Human Resource Institute and a Professional Member of CDAA I actively work and train in the career coaching industry and am up to date with the tools used and know how this will help you as you work with them. These tools include strength finder tests, personality tests, skills evaluations, CV reviews and a variety of other methods to support you.

Experienced Career Coach

I’ve helped 100s of professionals make their next career move and successfully find a new job. Please read the testimonial page to find out more about what my clients say about my Job Hunting, Career Coaching and Guidance services.


A good Career Coach is realistic with you about what is achievable based on your time frame and financial goals. While I am your advocate, it is essential that they I am realistic with you about what you can achieve with your current skills and experience and plans for your career. I promise to be honest with you and will review your CV/resume as part of my services to better understand what is unique about you.

Conservative Approach

Any career move requires careful consideration of your financial goals, and so these need to be factored into our conversations, ensuring you are making calculated risks, versus foolish decisions.

Understand the Importance of Mindset

The success you have in life will be strongly influenced by your mindset. Part of the work I can do with you is to encourage a positive mindset that helps you feel empowered to tackle this next stage of your career, encouraging you to fly and, most importantly, guiding you down the path of achieving your dreams!

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