Learning how to position yourself in a new industry and showing your strengths, passion and resilience is the key to Career Success.

If you find yourself in a dead end job you’ll relate to how Stefan felt about going to work each day. He was bored, unengaged and decided he wanted something more. He was determined, passionate and committed to finding his dream role in the construction industry.

He knocked on many doors, sent out cover letters and his resume, updated his LinkedIn profile, researched and cold called companies, yet no one was willing to give him an opportunity. He was on the brink of giving up – the rejections, not hearing back from recruiters and employers affected his self esteem and confidence.

However, having Marina on his side helped keep him on track. His determination, commitment, passion, approach, energy and work ethic got noticed. Stefan is now in his dream job in the construction industry and credits Marina for encouraging him to never give up.

If you are unhappy at work and considering a career change, book a complimentary 15 minute Career Chat with Marina to set yourself up for career success, click here.


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