I have some golden advice for you about recruitment agencies and recruiters…they are your foot in the door for that job you want! Yes, they are! I have seen many instances where people have made the mistake of misjudging and poorly managing their relationship with a recruitment agent. Now this error in judgement can happen in one of two ways. Allow me to offer some career advice, so that you can avoid ever experiencing either of these mistakes!

Firstly, put your best foot forward, and pick the right recruiter for you. Over and over again, I hear of my clients having signed up with recruitment agents without having researched if they’re right for them. It’s a two-way relationship! You have the goods, you deserve to have the best people on your team helping you towards your career goals. You are not at their mercy. You shouldn’t just take what you can get, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re lucky if they accept you onto their books – you’re better than that! Do your research. Are they the recruiter YOU want? Will they invest their best efforts in you? Are they really in your corner fighting for you to get that job? Be prepared, know what you’re looking for. Different recruiters can specialise in different sectors and industries, so make sure you are with the person who is a match with your career needs.

Secondly, put your best foot forward again, and don’t underestimate the importance of your recruiter. When meeting with your recruitment agent, you need to behave as though you’re meeting your potential employer. Prepare, dress to impress, make sure your CV is polished and up to scratch, articulate your skills and sell yourself strongly. Treat it like any other job interview. There is a whole different mindset to take on in this space, because you see, the recruitment agent is not your friend, they are there to place you in a job and so they need to see you at your best. They want to place the best person with the employer they have waiting. This is not the time or the space to relax and be too personal. This is a new start.

Finally, remind yourself throughout all of your interactions with your recruitment agent, that he or she is that foot in the door to that new career! So put your best foot forward, and get your foot in the door!

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