Learn how Rodney crafted his job search tools to position himself as the best candidate

Rodney was living abroad, travelling and working on luxury yachts around the world. He captained vessels, mixed with the rich and famous and was travelling from Mexico to Europe when he made a pit stop in Melbourne to visit family. He got stuck there during COVID lockdowns and decided to apply for jobs in Australia.

Rodney’s overseas qualifications, experience, skills and knowledge saw him often overlooked and overqualified for many local roles. He felt like he was spinning through a revolving door. Rodney worked with Marina to recraft his resume and improve his interview skills to drive the outcome he wanted. He learned how to provide examples of scenarios during interviews to drive key messages that proved he was the right person for the right role.

If you want to make a career change or are forced to, your job search tools are the first step to help you stand out and achieve your dreams. Book a Career Chat with Marina to set yourself up for career success, click here.


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