Stop missing the mark in your interviews and learn how to stand out

Penelope had been to interviews before but was unsuccessful. When her ideal job was advertised she applied and knew she needed to set herself up for success with an expert. She engaged Marina as her Interview Coach and learned the key success factors to achieve her dream role!

If you have ever been to an interview and been thrown a question that you just didn’t know how to answer you need to listen to this podcast. You’ll learn how Penelope got comfortable and confident during Interview Coaching with Marina to find her career success.

The key outcomes for Penelope included:

  • What to prepare before your interviews
  • How to present yourself confidently
  • Structuring your responses to interview questions
  • Having examples ready to demonstrate your experience
  • What questions to ask to ensure the role is right for you.

If you are applying for jobs and preparing for interviews, book a complimentary 15 minute Career Chat with Marina to set yourself up for success, click here.


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