The Jump Start Your Career Program was a pivotal step in helping Payal achieve her dream job.

After job hunting for 18 months, Payal’s confidence and self-belief diminished. She had extensive HR and recruitment experience and skills, yet was unable to find her feet in the Australian job market. She decided to join the Jump Start Your Career program and within two weeks started receiving calls for interviews. Within six weeks of beginning the program she secured her dream job!

Jump Start Your Career is a four week online program aimed at helping participants learn the techniques and strategies to stand out in their job search. Participants learn what they need to do through the whole job search process and develop the tools needed. It’s interactive and educational with direct access to Marina, a professional career coach, through the whole process. The program is tailored to a small group of participants, so that each one has a personalised and successful experience.

Payal learned how to format her CV to highlight her relevant skills and experience. She updated her cover letter, ensuring it matched the key selection criteria defined in job descriptions. In interviews, she learned how to clearly articulate her skills and strengths to stand out as a prominent candidate.

To learn more about the Jump Start Your Career Program and find your career success, click here.

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