Carolyn graduated from the Jump Start Your Career Program with a job. The benefits of the Program were invaluable.

When redundancy strikes unexpectedly, the mindset you choose to leave with is what will make a difference to your future career options. Take control, take action and move on. In this podcast, you’ll learn how Carolyn achieved a quick and positive outcome from throwing herself into the Jump Start your Career Program.

Carolyn talks us through the key topics covered in the Jump Start Your Career Program that led her to a new and successful career. Some of the elements Marina covers in the Program include:

  • How to navigate the current job market
  • How to structure your resume
  • How to write a stand out cover letter
  • Identifying key selection criteria
  • How to summarise your experience
  • How to position yourself to get noticed
  • Identifying companies you’d like to work for
  • Interview techniques and practice to deliver the right messages
  • Mindset and confidence building
  • Networking, online and offline

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