Career exploration led Sasha from confusion to clarity and confidence.

When you’re ambitious and thinking about your future career there are lots of things to consider. Sasha had landed a job as a graduate after university and worked her way into the professional world. She held a variety of roles in her 5 years of employment without much structure and forward planning.

Sasha reached a turning point where she began contemplating her career journey. Sasha began working with Marina and together they explored Sasha’s strengths, driving passions, past experiences, what Sasha liked, and more importantly what Sasha disliked, as well as the non-negotiables of her future career.

This led to developing a suite of job search tools, including a tailored CV to ensure Sasha stood out to potential employers. Applying for jobs without a clear direction, and without the right tools is exhausting and becomes emotionally consuming when you’re unsuccessful. Having a career plan is similar to having a map to reach your destination and provides you with the clarity and confidence you need to succeed. 


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