Learn how to increase your network and fast track your employability as a graduate in our new virtual world.

In this podcast episode, we hear from special guest, Yousef Shadid, founder of GradShip. Yousef has been named an emerging leader and featured in the top 50 Australian professional magazines. He has delivered hundreds of consultations, webinars and workshops to local and international students and graduates to help them find employment in today’s changing world.

Yousef shares with how to navigate the job market and overcome the challenges now that we’re living in a virtual world. There are lots of opportunities for graduates and he’ll take you through how to uncover these opportunities with a shift in your mindset and approach to how you can get a job. He also covers:

  • Virtual interviews
  • Online networking
  • Benefits of LinkedIn for graduates
  • How to best represent yourself online
  • Transferring your skills
  • Positioning yourself for success

If you’re a graduate navigating the employment landscape, don’t miss this episode.

For more information visit, GradShip


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