Job-seeking is one of those things that seems to throw people a little. It can get them into a bit of a spin where they either don’t know what to do next, or they hit the auto-pilot button…and take off in the wrong direction.

I always encourage people to stop, and just assess their whole situation for a moment. And most importantly, to assess their skills! Incredibly, I find that people have often either lost touch with understanding their skill base, or are sometimes even completely unfamiliar with a skill they have that could land them a job they would love! The skill might have been used for a hobby, or it might not be something they recognise as valuable for work. Yet, there it is, sitting right under their noses and just waiting to be noticed!

You really need to understand what it is that you are good at so that you can draw on this skill base to determine your career and/or job selection. Understanding what you’re good at helps to sort your way through the ‘What am I going to do next?’ confusion. And then it helps you to move in a direction that you might actually be really passionate about – and that’s how long lasting and satisfying careers are born. Participate in a formal or informal Skills Analysis where you’ll consider questions such as “What can I do?”, “What do I love doing?” and “What do I WANT to do?” The outcomes might pleasantly surprise you…

When you know what your skills and your strengths are, you’re then suddenly open to those opportunities and avenues that you didn’t know about, or that you hadn’t previously considered. For example, the skill of being a ‘good writer’ might have been something that you have needed in part for some jobs in the past, but if you suddenly realise through a skills analysis that you are very good at writing and that you actually really love to write more than anything, then you can ask the next question  – “Which jobs allow me to write a lot?” And suddenly, your career destination is looking a whole lot more exciting when you target it to head towards something you are good at, and something that you love.

So, get rid of the auto-pilot button for your job seeking…it’s only going to get you to the same old place you mightn’t want to be at anymore. It’s time you looked within and steered your own plane with a good understanding of the special cargo you have on board! The sky is the limit for you and its time for take off!

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