I’ve had lots of reasons to reflect on why I do what I do over the last 6 months, and it’s been wonderful to let go of some parts of my working life and welcome new ones. For me, the secret to a meaningful life is to do what I love and am good at. While these words can now flow from my mouth very easily, the road to realizing this and having comfort with this has not been an easy one.

And I now realize that I am in a place I am meant to be and working with the clients who need my help most, because I have had to really work hard at keeping going at times when life has been tough! But if I were to spend time thinking about what was or could have been, I would miss all of the wonderful opportunities in front of me. I see them clearly now and am passionate about helping those who have lost their confidence, due to a recent redundancy, or are unemployed and looking for work.

I will help you come to realize that you can structure your career differently in your 50s and have a more meaningful life.

If you see your maturity as a disadvantage, I’d like to encourage you to adjust your settings and consider the key advantages of older workers, highlighted by Business Insider when they reviewed this concept.

  1. They have good leadership skills. Older workers make good leaders because they often have stronger communication skills than their younger colleagues.
  2. They’re focused. Older people have been working their entire lives and are often not searching for the next opportunity like younger workers. They know exactly what they want to do and are focused on getting the work done
  3. They’re loyal. Since older workers are typically more satisfied with their jobs, they also tend to stay longer.
  4. They have a good work ethic. According to a 2010 Pew Research centre survey, “Nearly six in 10  respondents cited work ethic as one of the big differences between young and old. Asked who has the better work ethic, about three-fourths of respondents said that older people do.”
  5. They have strong networks. Older workers have been in the workforce longer and they’ve had more time to meet people and network along the way.

By 2020, approximately 25% of the workforce will be age 55 or older, according to the Bureau of labour Statistics

You can have a meaningful life and you can add value to an organization, once you change the way you view this phase of your life. I encourage you talk to a friend, colleague or career professional like myself, and take the time to reflect on what matters to you and confidently work towards your career goals and that next job! You are needed and will be an extremely valuable asset!

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