Mark felt ready to take on the world, but in reality the world looked right past him to the next candidate.

Having worked his way up the corporate ladder in stable jobs, Mark decided to return to university to upskill and embark on a new career path. He had grand plans for his future until he started applying for jobs and was being completely overlooked. It was demoralising and confusing. Mark didn’t know where to start or where he was going wrong.

Then he was referred to career coach Marina, who provided support, direction and guidance. She challenged Mark and brought out the best of his abilities to help him gain insights into his skills and expertise. This helped him develop strong foundations for his job search journey. Mark gained the confidence he lacked and used pivotal strategies to find career success. 

Since then, Mark has been able to continuously use the skills and knowledge he developed while working with Marina to drive his career over the last 6 years!


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