Learn how to align your experiences, skills and qualities and apply these to your job search

We develop skills every day at work and in our daily life. In this podcast Aileen Hiskins, reveals how you can identify and articulate your key strengths, skills and capabilities for a successful job search. Self-awareness is the key to understanding what you’re really good at and looking for opportunities, particularly in challenging times. Learn how to unpack and audit your skillsets and attributes to increase your employability.

Aileen Hiskins is the Managing Director of Strategic Alignment Training. Aileen’s consulting and advisory skills span leadership development, executive coaching, culture change, capability development and talent management. Aileen has an ability to quickly understand business issues and create practical, quality solutions that focus on improving business performance. She’s a skilled and highly regarded facilitator, coach and mentor, and has facilitated very successful learning programs with people at all levels, including senior executives in Australia, Asia, the US and UK.

Much of Aileen’s work focuses on helping people enhance and strengthen their leadership capabilities while addressing reactive behaviours and habits that get in the way.

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