Why you need to be adaptable and flexible when job searching during a pandemic

If you’ve recently been stood down or made redundant during the COVID-19 pandemic you will be job searching in a heavily congested market. Find out how to overcome the challenges of job searching during a pandemic and learn exactly what recruiters are looking for in candidates. Nikki Domeney works closely with HR teams and supports the recruitment process. She discusses with us what applicants need to put their best foot forward.

Nikki Domeney, Director of H20 People and Culture, provides HR and engagement support which extends to varied industries such as professional services, IT and Sustainable Energy businesses. The name reflects her unique style and process, as well as her personal values. H20 symbolises Nikki’s ability to do a deep dive with her clients to assist them to grow with a process that flows.

She coaches and advises her clients on best practice for creating and maintaining healthy, thriving work places. She is forward thinking with a fail forward approach “so much learning and growing can be achieved if we pause recognise our mistakes as opportunity, without fear or judgement”.

Nikki brings over 20 years’ experience to building teams, driving proactive culture change, supporting business, developing policies and procedures and enhancing team engagement, as well as the recruitment process.

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