Learn how to elevate your personal brand with insider tips and techniques.

Video is a powerful communication tool for building trust and engagement in the online world. In this podcast, Yana Martens shares with us her insider tips and techniques to help you feel at ease in front of a camera and to help you elevate your personal brand.

These insights have never been more important than right now – a time when more people are working in isolation from home and connecting via video conferencing to the workforce. It’s equally important for those who are job searching with recruiters and employers now moving to video interviews. Empower yourself with the knowledge on how to present yourself and put your best self forward.

Yana’s expertise is based on an understanding of self-image and human behaviour from a degree in psychology, combined with years in front and behind the camera, as a model and photographer.

Yana helps her clients elevate their personal brand by increasing self-awareness, encourages them to get out of the comfort zone and face their fears of being seen and judged. With over 14 years’ experience in front of the camera she knows exactly how it feels and how to address all negative thinking that might arise.

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