Job Application Toolkit


Increase Your Job Application Success Rate when applying for jobs with our proven Job Application Tool Kit

Investing in the right tools will help you update your resume and write a powerful cover letter so you are ready to apply for jobs much faster than doing this from scratch!

The Job Application Tool Kit is suitable for people with some professional experience already under their belt, and gives you access to our proven templates, based on the successful layout and format we’ve used with 100s of Australian professionals across many industries.

Achieve your success with our Job Application Toolkit

You will be provided with the following:

  1. How To Use Guide to make the job application process much easier than starting from scratch and trying to do it all on your own.
  2. Letz Create’s Cover Letter Template (in Word) to show you exactly how to format your skills and experience and write your resume that gets you invited to interviews.
  3. Letz Create’s Resume Template (in Word) to show you the essential format to make sure your resume lands on the ‘Let’s meet this person’ pile!

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