Often, I am asked the question “Why should I use a Career Coach?”. The answer is simple but really important. A Career Coach is incredibly useful because they can see past your blind spots to get the absolute best out of you. Sounds simple right? Do not underestimate just how critical this is to your job seeking or job transition process! They can see the things that you can’t see — and that could be the difference between you landing that dream job or not.

Everyone has blind spots, no matter how optimistic or confident you are as a person, there will always be something that you miss when it comes to identifying and selling your own skills. This is where a Career Coach is the key to your success.

A good Career Coach will help you to see those standout skills that you might be overlooking when it comes to marketing yourself to an employer. They will help you to unpack that job ad and they’ll help you to construct the way you need to sell yourself in that ever important cover letter and then interview. They will coach you through this process in a way that will open your eyes like never before!

The right Career Coach will also allow you to celebrate your achievements, promote your successes and draw out your personal attributes that will have you seeing yourself in the same light that they do.

They are the support person who will understand exactly how you’re feeling every step of the job seeking journey, and who will help you to believe in yourself enough to push the boundaries that little bit more. It’s a competitive market out there, and you need to give it all you’ve got!

Actors have coaches, businesses have coaches, aspiring and elite athletes have coaches — and all for similar reasons. To help them to achieve their absolute best in the task at hand, and to ultimately reach their dream goal. Why should your dream goal of landing your dream job be any different? It shouldn’t! Especially when the goal you’re talking about is the job that you’ll work in ever single day for the next few years. Seems even more important than ever if you ask me.

So take a leaf out of the book of some of the world’s most successful people and get a coach on board. With your Career Coach in your corner you can knock out any of the competition by a mile!

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