Social Media is your new best friend. Trust me on this one. Don’t shy away from it, get ‘social’ if you aren’t already, get connected where it counts and get into it. It is a whole new world of career opportunity that has opened up in career circles, and you’re crazy to not step right into the mix. Whether you’re choosing a new career, engaged in an established executive career you’re building on, or perhaps you’re a small business start up looking to make yourself known, the different platforms of Social Media are your new best friends who are going to stick by you and help you along the journey.

When it comes to Social Media, my career advice to you is to get linked right away – on LinkedIn that is. Recruiters, HR specialists and employers are constantly searching through LinkedIn to find their next best employee. This really is a case of ‘you need to be in it to win it!’. Your profile here should have a strong summary leaning towards the job or career that you want, and include those key words that a recruiter or employer would search for in that particular field or industry. It’s not your CV, so don’t make it read like one, instead, your professional summary on LinkedIn should have a flavour of who your are, what you can do and highlight your skills like you would if you were chatting to your friend about them. Keep it polished of course!

It’s absolutely worth getting your profile written up by a professional like Karen Hollenbach who has had great success with her clients on LinkedIn. The reach of LinkedIn is truly impressive and so it’s definitely worth getting your profile looking and reading perfectly.

Let’s also not forget about Facebook. Ensure your Facebook page is up to scratch if it is one that employers or customers can look at. Think about your profile picture and how that portrays you for the career you’re in or looking at getting into. Would you be happy for a potential employer to see your Facebook page as it is? If you want to start your own business, a business Facebook page is a great way to advertise and get your small business out there.

You simply couldn’t wish for better friends than your social media platforms who are right there and waiting to boast about you. So go on, and get social – it’s a whole new career world right at your fingertips!

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