I am your advocate. I help my clients get out of a job they are not enjoying, & develop a stronger action plan for getting themselves job search ready.  I ensure job hunters are in a better place they you actively seek new roles.

Talking about where you are at will help you identify your unique skills, experiences and strengths so that I can help you develop a much clearer understanding of your options and get ready for your next big career move.


Our Career Success Program is a tailored program for men and women in the job hunting phase.  This 6 module program combines self discovery and practical tools to build the individual’s confidence to achieve career success when making a change of role within or beyond their current organisation.


Your resume is a critical tool that introduces you to a potential employer and gives them the confidence to invite you to the next stage of the job hunting phase, the all important interview. It’s critical that you your resume demonstrates your skills, strengths, expertise and experience.

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