Mindset really is your very own superpower that you can use to your advantage throughout your new career journey, small business startup journey or even on your well established executive career pathway. Mindset holds a power that will drive you forward – or drag you under, like no other. So which will it be for you? Here are a few things to consider when it comes to mindset…

First and foremost, you cannot focus on what you can’t do. This is a sure way to drag yourself down immediately. You have to keep your head up. Keep your eye on the prize and stay focused. It’s very much about setting that goal that you want and visualising it. Keep seeing yourself there, in that office, or on that worksite, with that employee name-badge, or with that company logo on your signature block on your emails. Build it up in your mind and keep it there to guide you all the way. Stay super focused with your mindset super powers. If you have a bad day and trip up, that’s ok, just refocus as soon as you can!

You may hear ‘no’ sometimes along the way. You might not get the job or the promotion with your first attempt, but hearing ‘no’ is just a temporary setback, it’s not forever, so don’t let it get you down, don’t let it become personal, and don’t let it make you stop striving. Instead, tell yourself that it can only mean that something better is waiting for you instead. And the only way for you to get that something is for you to stay super focused and keep going.

Take the feedback from whatever didn’t quite work in your previous attempt, improve on it and learn from it, and make your next shot a better one. Don’t jump to conclusions and fill in the gaps yourself about why you didn’t get the job. That’s not helpful, and actually, thoughts like that will only set you back. Stay focused. Keep going. Keep visualising.

When you realise the power of mindset, you’ll be blown away by how much power you have over yourself throughout the job seeking process. Powers that you thought were only for superheroes are now actually in your hands! So keep your mind super healthy and super focused, and you’ll find that your job seeking experience will be a super powerful one!

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