Would you like to increase your success rate when applying for jobs? If you are actively applying for roles, may I ask how successful you’ve been in securing a phone or face to face interview? If you’re feeling a bit demotivated by the whole job search process or are starting to think about applying for roles, I am so glad you found me!

I believe your cover letter is an essential tool when applying for advertised roles. It is the first point of contact with the hiring manager, whether that be a recruiter or the decision maker recruiting on behalf of their department or organisation. Your cover letter has the power to determine your fate and whether you get your dream job. I know this sounds dramatic, but it’s true! The quality of your cover letter can influence whether your job application is placed in the YES pile or the NO pile.

The good news is that my proven approach to writing cover letters gets most of my clients invited to more job interviews. So let’s go through the key factors you need to consider when writing your cover letter so we can make sure this powerful piece of paper can get more hiring managers putting you in the YES pile when they read your next job application!

Follow Letz Create’s Proven Cover Letter Checklist

Every single role you apply for must have a cover letter tailored to that role, with the letter to a person rather than just the general Sir/Madam. This means you need to take the time to research the role and company, or the recruiter who may be representing the company, and do your best to find the name of the key point of contact who will be reviewing the job applications.

Key information to include when you set out your cover letter is:

  • Your address and contact details usually on the right side at the top
  • The employer’s (or recruiter’s) name and address usually on the left side
  • The date
  • Dear (Insert Name)
  • Personalised and relevant information
  • Address all key selection criteria in a table
  • Mention resume and sign off.


  1. Highlight the Right Information

Make sure your cover letter is highlighting the right information so that a potential employer gives you the big tick for the interview.  I suggest you put yourself in the hiring manager’s seat. Make your cover letter easy to read and respond specifically to the requirements of the role, in summary form.

  1. Respond to all Key Selection Criteria

There is a lot of advice on how to provide a snap shot of relevant skills, qualifications and experience. The proven formula I have used that’s led to success with my clients, is to address all Key Selection Criteria ‘head on’ in a table that highlights how your experience, educations and skills meets the requirements for the role.

With this approach you actively demonstrate that you understand what they are looking for and how you meet the criteria. It is tailored, to the point and easy for the prospective employer to put you in the YES pile.

  1. Reference your Resume and Finish with a Call to Action

Then mention that your resume is attached and finish with a call-to-action such as requesting an interview or asking to meet before signing off politely.

Take Action with My Complimentary 30 Minute Session

If you wish to learn more about my proven approach, please contact me for a 30 minute complimentary session to discuss how to get the big tick and on to more YES piles.

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