Learn how to find hope and a way forward when faced with challenging situations.

When life as you know it suddenly changes how do you deal with it? Losing your job, a loved one, experiencing major trauma or changes to daily life can leave you feeling out of control and experiencing a whole range of emotions. When this happens our minds have a tendency to catastrophize the situation and take control of our mindset. How can you move forward again?

In this podcast Gabor Bukovinszky shares with us the key tools to reframe challenging situations. Learn how to move from devastation mode to find stability and purpose again. Rise from the challenges of life events, learn coping mechanisms and the strategies that will help you get back to your life’s path.

Gabor Bukovinszky is a trained life coach, NLP and Meta Dynamics practitioner and co-founder of Yoga Flame. His passion is people and his purpose is to help YOU shine. Through his studies in human behaviour and professional experience, he will help you to break through your limiting beliefs, plan the future you desire and inspire you into action to make these intentions a reality. Gabor has worked with sports professionals, business owners, yoga teachers, managers, artists and many more to awaken their inspiration for life and realise their dreams.

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