With more interviews moving to an online format you must be prepared to present with confidence. Learn all the insider tips and techniques to succeed.

Nerves and fear. These are the two things that will get in the way of your career success, especially when you’re invited to an interview or asked to give a presentation. In this podcast we hear from Jen T, founder of Be The Confident You, who has had personal experience with nerves, fear and debilitating anxiety.

In this podcast, JenT provides insider tips and techniques to put your best self forward, including:

  • Positioning your camera for flattering angles
  • The importance of lighting and positioning
  • Standing versus sitting and grounding yourself
  • Where to look to appear more engaged
  • How to create a professional background
  • How to eliminate negative self- talk
  • Recognising your strengths
  • Communicating clearly, tonality and voice projection
  • Awareness of body language, movement and signals

Over the year, JenT has created successful programs such as the ABC to Confidence (a scientific and psychological way to tap into confidence) and the Video Conference Academy and also offers online group training, one-on-one coaching and industry specific training.

JenT has helped hundreds of individuals and business owners build their confidence and is on a mission to facilitate transformation in 10,000 people from the world. For more information visit Be The Confident You


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